Radio is a mental condition – graphic design

Once radio waves have entered your bloodstream it is incurable. Radio folks should understand what this is all about.

The portable radio receiver is a 1980s Latvian-made RRR Radiotehnika “Abava” model RP-8330, in case you were wondering.

Radio is a mental condition - graphic design for T-shirts
Radio is a mental condition

Tools used: Illustrator
Year: 2016

Prints, T-shirts, mugs, and other stuff available on Redbubble.

Radio Abava vector art
Radio receiver Abava vector detail

Fun fact: designers of the Abava radio receiver had used at least three different fonts for the silkscreen text – Arial, Helvetica, something similar to, but not quite Futura, and another narrow geometric style font which I couldn’t find anywhere.

Viens+Viens lifestyle blog

Viens+Viens (one plus one) is a lifestyle blog by Laura Grēviņa and Toms Grēviņš. Laura writes about cooking, eco foods, travel and family life. Toms occasionally writes about music and popular culture.

Idea: Laura & Toms
Designs & WordPress development: me
Year: 2015

Ligzda creative workshop

Ligzda (Latvian for “nest”) is a creative workshop based in Tukums, Latvia. They arrange various creative workshops for children and adults as well as form exhibitions.


I was involved with graphic design, photography, WordPress theme development and writing of initial content. As usual, there are few random elements. In this case they are changing page backgrounds and visual elements.

Year: 2012

Toms Grēviņš blog

Toms wanted to move his blog away from blogspot to have custom design and features that were not available on blogspot. I suggested to use WordPress as a platform. In about few days Mr. Jursons drafted a design based on Tom’s ideas and in coming weeks I implemented all that in code.

Idea by Toms Grēviņš
Graphic design by Kaspars Jursons
PHP, CSS and bits of JavaScript by Andis Grosšteins (me)
Year: 2010